Where to stay in Switzerland – from luxury hotel to “sleeping in the straw”

Hotels are generally clean and outside the cities of Zurich and Geneva they are reasonably priced. A typical double room costs CHF 100 to CHF 150 though of course there are regional and quality variations.

There are lots of listings of Swiss hotels of which two are:




Youth Hostels are very popular and there are almost 70 which belong to the youth Hostel association. You can join the UK YHA at yha.co.uk or the American equivalent at www.hiayh.org. The list of Swiss hostels is at www.youth-hostel.ch.

A relatively new initiative created by farming families is called, Schlaff im Stroh/Aventure sur la paille (literally sleeping in the straw!). The scheme runs from May to October and 10-15 places are offered in a clean barn (often with camping or bedspaces as alternatives). You must bring your own sleeping bag if you want actually to sleep on the straw. The cost is between CHF 20 and CF 30 but this includes breakfast.

Bed and breakfast is becoming more popular and details are available at the tourist offices.

Campsites are clean and well-maintained. It is best to plan ahead and the Swiss motoring organisation TCS.ch runs a network of sites. A typical cost is 7 CHF per person per night plus a charge per tent of a similar amount and a smaller charge per car. Rough camping not only goes against the ethos of Swiss accommodation but may earn you a fine.

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